Based in sunny Cawston, BC, Elam’s Organics is a long time supplier of fresh

organic fruits and vegetables to wholesalers, retailers, home delivery services and buying groups. Cawston is located in the semi-arid Similkameen Valley of southern BC, Canada, directly north of Washington’s most productive growing region. The climate is ideal for organic growing methods and this area has been referred to as “The Organic Capital of Canada”.

The growers we represent produce a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables which we ship throughout North America and parts of Europe. This is done by shipping directly to customers or through a consolidation point in Wapato, Washington.

Elam’s Organics is a member of the Organic Trade Association and is a certified organic handler with COABC # 16-002 (Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia). As a grower Elam is a conservation partner with the Land and Conservancy of British Columbia.

Our goal is to provide quality organic products to the market place while remaining profitable and successful for ourselves, our growers and our customers. We strive to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and to build relationships with our growers and customers that includes effective product representation through communication, planning and knowledge, responsiveness to feedback and the exchange of information about products and issues.

The People

Elam Wills grew up in the Similkameen Valley and spent his early years working on the farms and orchards in the Cawston area. He has always felt a strong connection to the earth and this lead him to becoming an organic grower in 1978. As he and his neighboring farmers began to grow greater volumes of produce, Elam and his partner sold and transported this product to many different markets in Canada and eventually the United States.

Tree Wills like his father Elam grew up in the orchard farming industry. Starting from an early age working on the farm selling and delivering produce both grown on our farm and by other local farmers. Now with my own family I work continuing the family tradition of growing and selling the best possible organic produce.

Elam’s Organics has continued to grow as more farmers in the Similkameen and Okanagan valleys have transitioned from conventional growing methods to organic. They have sought Elam’s advice and expertise in growing organically and contracted with him to market and sell their produce. Elam was a founding member of the first organic certification body in British Columbia, known as SOOPA. His commitment to organic growing methods is based on a deep personal belief that healthy soil is the basis of a healthy planet.